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The Black Keys : The Desperate Man lyrics

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The Black Keys lyrics : "The Desperate Man"

See her walkin',
With a fella,

Two of them
So nice and mella,
Hey-hey, hey-hey, hey-hey-hey,

My heart is broken,
It's open wide,
Feel so down,

Deep inside,
Hey-hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey, alright,
Hit it,

Summer's here but I'm still in fall,
Wonderin' what she done me for,

Hey-hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey, alright,
I'm too far down the deepest ditch,
Too far gone to ever switch,

Hey-hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey, hit it,

Alright...yeah...alright...yeah...yeah, alright,

Hit it...alright...alright,

Drive all night now,

Without a care,
Hope to catch you,
Standin' there,

Hey-hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey,
Don't forsake a desperate man,
Hope you know that's who I am,

Hey hey, hey-hey hey-hey-hey,
Alright, yeah...hit it...alright...yeah,


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