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The Beatards : Don't Step On My Sneakers lyrics

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The Beatards lyrics : "Don't Step On My Sneakers"

Whatyou know about that
Nike outlet
Wanted the penny hardaways but momma said doubt that

7 months son you gonna grow out that
Let's go scout at payless whatever the minimum long as you fittinem
Now I got so many dunks I could swim in em

Snap crackle pop when I walk cause my kix so crispy
Copped em for free.99 cause I'm thrifty

Minty fresh le air maxes
Couldn't touch my style with
20 years practice

Presidential swagger u should
Pay me taxes
Everything I do

I do big like Texas
Supersize mine u didn't eat breakfast
I got that sumo flow u anorexic

I keep it fresh to death like I'm a breathmint
Steppin on my steez
U should be arrested

Talkin to your lady friend
She wanna let me in
Til u say u know where I've been

Steppin on my what?!

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