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THE BEARDS : Got Me a Beard lyrics

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THE BEARDS lyrics : "Got Me a Beard"

Had a girl
An actual girlfriend yeah
She asked me

To trim back my face hair

But nobody ever

Tells me to shave
Tells me to shave

So I dumped her
I dumped her arse straight away
'Cause I'm bearded

And that's how it's going to stay

I let it grow

Sometimes it annoyed me
Sometimes it itched
And girls would avoid me

But whenever I looked at
A bearded man

A bearded man
It made me feel glad
That I'd stuck to the plan

I'd stuck to the plan

And kept my beard

And that's when I met you
You said 'Nice beard'
How could I forget you

As soon as I saw you
I suddenly knew

I suddenly knew
That you liked me for my beard
And I liked yours too

I liked yours too

And now

I got a beard
And you help me groom it

I got a beard
I'm so glad you approve it

I got a beard
Got me a beard
Got me a beard

Got me a beard
Got me a beard

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