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The Avant-Garde lyrics : "Naturally Stoned"

It seems the days
We spent together
All too quickly fade away

And even now
My lonely mind is full
Of thoughts of yesterday

The say grow up
Put your mind on

What you have to do
But I know I can never
Make it, baby, without you

I can feel a good vibration

When I put my mind on you alone
I can get a real sensation
Feel like I'm naturally stoned

Naturally stoned

And now they say

It's time for me to face
The troubled world alone
But I know I can never do it

While I'm standing on my own

There's just one thing that

They do not seem to understand
Why can't they get it
Through their heads

I need a helping hand

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]

Naturally stoned

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa