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THE ARROWS : No Robots lyrics

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THE ARROWS lyrics : "No Robots"

I can't decide if You are crazy or just really really brave
You make us all the same all able to choose our private fate
You make it so we choose

To not or to love You
You do it just know
Which way we'd rather go

Straight back into Your arms
Or lost to worldly charms
You really have to know

You really have to know


And just in case that risk is not quite enough of a chance for You
You go and make us the object of all your affections

Of all that You do

So when You lose it's big

Cause we're Your everything
With all this on Your brain
You are still unafraid

Because You know that some
Some will return this love
Oh and that's all You want

That's all you ever want


Oh it's poetry it's genius
You don't want robots

You want our love
So You let us carry on like this
You don't want robots

You want our love
Oh and we blame You and we call You names
But You don't want robots

You want our love
But still you give it to us all the same
All the same

All the same


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