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The Almost : HAND GRENADE lyrics

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The Almost lyrics : "HAND GRENADE"

Oh, to be young
It sounds like so much fun
Oh, the long wait

For things to happen, expectancy
And you, just waiting on me
I wanna know what's in your plans

If you're an ocean
Then I wanna jump right in

If you're a hand grenade
Then I'll pull the pin
I'll wait right here, all night for you

To let me in and I'll run run run run
Run right back to you, I'll run

Life's moving faster now
I'm older here
But younger somehow

Head full of fear
And it makes me break
Please let me find you

Please let me know
Just what you want
Please let me see

What you need me to be

Oh, if you could see in me

You might be kinda scared
Oh, if I could just believe
You'll take me anywhere

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