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THE AFTERS : Someday lyrics

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THE AFTERS lyrics : "Someday"

Ready or not the years are blurring
Running away the mind is turning
Skip to the end to find the meaning

Thoughts are fading, yet I wonder still
Like it or not your eyes are open
Playing around, the circles going

Face of a child, your mind is old
The clock ran down before I could begin

I wish we all could win
I wish we all could smile

I wish we all could make our mothers proud

Want it or not you just can't leave it

Throw it away, I can't believe it
Walking for days, I know you'll see that
Times are changing, soon we'll be the same

[Repeat Chorus]

Someday, someday, someday
You'll come around

Someday, someday, someday
Your time will come
There's nothing more that I can do

I know we all can make it through
I hope that someday you will see

[Repeat chorus and bridge]

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