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THA DOGG POUND & SNOOP DOGG : L.A Heres 2 U lyrics

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THA DOGG POUND & SNOOP DOGG lyrics : "L.A Heres 2 U"

LA - here's to you
For being the kind of place a man can do his due

Out here the hippies skip, and they get their kicks
Bumpin' all night long, out on Sunset Strip...

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, players and pimps
We'd like to welcome you all to Los Angeles, California - yessir

(For being the kind of place a man can do his due
Out here the hippies skip, and they get their kicks
Bumpin' all night long, out on Sunset Strip?)

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Run it down the line, Sunset and Vine

Blew a half a zip by the Hollywood sign
Scottie once said it gets better with time
Eastside, Long Beach, but this LA County on minds

Yeah, this is the sign of the times
One of a kind, and this might blow your mind
This ain't no TV show, bow wow, yippie yo

Standin' on your tippy-toe, ^!$$% here we, here we go
Crenshaw Boulevard, everywhere ^!$$%s hard,
Left 'em burnin' on my auntie's front yard

Don't disrespect or disregard
Shout out to the whole mother$#&@in' Crip card
Dip hard, wreck hard, used to pop, lock

You turn on the wrong street and you will get got
Move through the city like fee-fi-fo
Creep slow in a four, mother$#&@ 5-0


[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Look, Dogg Pound gangsters, we gotta dump off
Unless you wanna hear that pump cough

Watch who you talk on
And watch the different streets you walk on
I mob like a mobster

Like a mother$#&@in' monster
Don't make me approach you
Contraband in my hand with the homes from the land

With a plan to expand and leave with a hundred grand
With my pistol in my hand, just me, Daz and? Big Snoop
That ^!$$% ain't never kept out the loop

Is this the way you livin'?
In this land of the unforgiven
Man, be wary how you livin'

So let me show you where the $#&@ we livin'


[Verse 3: Daz Dillinger]
The glamour, the lights, turn the city into the place you wanna be at

Them Dogg Pound gangsters, yeah, yeah, we bizzack
Four-figure raw to Pacific Palisades
I counted kindly with culture, blow it in the fray

Blind by the sun rays, I put on my locs
Skirt that Sunset as I ride and smoke
I'm clockin' 22 miles on that famous boulevard

Echo Park, Silver Lake, never smoked in my car
Treacherous and arrogance, yeah, it's four lanes wide
Esses, Asians, ^!$$%s, yeah, and One-Time

History is stymied from...
From prostitution to whole-sellin' all that
Live on Sunset strip with a black-and-white, blam, blam

Pistol on the grip, yeah, takin' others' %#@!
You see us as we ride by
Exit 405, now this %#@! is gettin' live, we in...


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