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TERROR 2000 lyrics : "Killing Machine"

Baptized in fear
Forever damned in a life in a life so unreal brought up in a living hell
Not a soul to confine in protecting yourself

As the battery keeps goig on cursing your life and everyone around
Killing Machine! [x2]
A savage beast has been created

Killing Machine! [x2]
A natural born slayer from day one
Killing Machine! [x4]

Life's not worthÿa %#@!
No-one gives a %#@!
Life's not worth a %#@!

No-one gives a %#@!
Suddenly free
When life is lit in a gory mess, butchering bodies of your kin

Spitting on their graves, a machine has been created with the intention to kill
Life's not worth a %#@!
I told you to die mother$#&@er

The time has come to get your %#@! together
And get the hell out of here
I'm not a saint, I'm not a sinner

I'm just bound to be your killing machine!
The urge to dismember is strong, sick thoughts plague your mind
Memories are pounding in your brain

It makes you more insane day by day

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