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TERRACIDE lyrics : "The Forge of Empty Souls"

Now follow me deeper into the world that I see
There's no demons beneath and no divine decree
Heaven is myth god a lie

Clinging to fables the gift of strength to die

We are the bringers of our destiny

With open eyes you can live a life and not just dream
Deluded thoughts block true cerebration
Now join the dance of life

In the dark I'll be the light to guide you
No need for those myths or

Lies we say to keep away our pain
Needlessly praying for strength

Across this moonlit sky
The millions and millions ask why
They have been betrayed

By the one divine true king

The human spirits stronger than they feel

The light comes shining bright unless you kneel

Now follow me deeper into the chasm of time
Deception proud tradition of our blood line
Tell the weaklings what they want to hear

Obey in this life and your reward is near

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