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TEDDY GEIGER lyrics : "Thinking Underage"

So soon to say it's over
Lets see what happens later on
I'm 16, my world just opened wide

I've got a pocket full of change
I'm tired of thinking underage
Just cut this string and let me fly

Say goodbye, say goodbye


Forgive me mom and dad
If the music makes you sad
Nothing can prepare us for the day

When little boys grow old
And don't do as they're told
I will find my way

I'm just tired of thinking underage,
Tired of thinking underage,
I'm not thinking underage anymore

I'm first in line at the DMV
I'll sweet talk you, just give me the keys

I don't have a curfew in my mind
Little Katie and me like Rolling Stones
She keeps me still by letting go

It's not like were running out of time
Cause you will find, yeah you will find


Just like gravity, the ups and downs

Will always be ok with me
I am over all that underage can be...


(Forgive me mom and dad)

I'm not thinking underage anymore [2x]
(If the music makes you sad)
I'm not on that page anymore, no

I'm not thinking underage anymore [2x]

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