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TEDDY GEIGER : Love Is A Marathon lyrics

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TEDDY GEIGER lyrics : "Love Is A Marathon"

You love to run
Into the arms Of anyone
Take off your shoes and socks

And stay awhile
You like the adrenaline rush
Just a little too much

You go from day to day
Hand to mouth
And wonder why You're unsatisfied

Cause love is a marathon
That's why you get tired so fast of everyone

Slow down and pace yourself
Cause when it's good
It's a long open road

You think still
You'll find a soul behind a thrill

You're just a cat chasing your tail
Round and round
What if you relax

Something might last


You're exhausted always coming down
Trying to come up for air

Trying to act like you just don't care
La da da, de da da


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