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Teddy And The Frat Girls lyrics : "I Wanna Be A Man"

(Indescipherable foreign accent)
Is everybody ready?
Hans? Johann? Heidi?

Let's go, everybody.

I'm sorry I'm a girl,

and not a man.
Then I could come all the time,
in the palm of my precious little hand.

Get drunk in the bars,
and act like a klutz.

It really wouldn't matter.
I'd be too stupid to be nuts.

I Wanna Be a Man
So I can stink.

A big, tough guy.
I'm sick of pink.

And if I was a man,
I could tell lots of lies
About all the girls I've $#&@ed.

Just like all of you guys.

I'd be self-sufficent.

And I wouldn't need another.
But if I got a little boo-boo.
I'd go running back to my mother.


And if I was a man,
I'd always be hot.
Wouldn't matter what I $#&@ed,

Just as long as it's got a twat.

I'd just rip off her pants,

And $#&@ her, 1, 2, 3.
How did this stinking cunt,
Have the luck to find me.



And if I was a man,
I could piss anywhere.

Piss on your wrist, you sonofa(*##$.
When you're a man, you don't care.

I could $#&@ any time,
and be hard as a rock.
Spend my life worrying about

the size of my teeny little @@#!.


And if I was a man,
All you !@#%s would give me head.

(I'd) Get my rocks off,
then I'd kick you out of bed.

Be tackless and boring,
with nauseating breath.
I'd be a worthless piece of %#@!

From birth until death.


(Everybody sing)

(Chorus repeated in background)

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