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Teddy And The Frat Girls lyrics : "Alophen Baby"

Some people like $$#.
Some people like tit.
But nothing gets me going,

Like liquid %#@!.

My %#@! floats.

It floats right to the top.
I wanna %#@! my life away.
I never wanna stop.

'Cuz' I'm an

Alophen Baby
My heart's a toilet brush
I'm an,

Alophen baby
I can't wait until I flush.

You think I'm kidding?
Well I'm no phoney.
I like what's in my $$#

to ooze out bolonga.

Doesn't matter what I eat.

I'm not that picky.
Just as long as when I %#@!.
It's gooey, soft and icky.


My family's worried.
They have suspicions.
And I guess they should

I just %#@! out my intestines.

But I can't stop, Uh-Uhh!

There's just no way.
Especially when I'm going through
Four bottles a day.


I never wanna move
from my toilet bowl.
I just wanna %#@!

And keep my $$# in the hole.

But when I %#@!,

I have to be alone.
I dip my fingers in my poop
And I use it as colonge.

(Chorus 5x)

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