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TECH N9NE lyrics : "My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl"

[Intro: Big Krizz Kalico & Tech N9ne]
Real @@#!y
Real sloppy

Drunk at the club and y'all can't stop me

[Tech N9ne]

Super star style
Whoop the are pounds
Out the roof, scoop the group we be troopin' large crowds

Yes we are foul
And we rich now
Used to be all of me, but it's all on the (*##$ now

They wanna get me stuck, they commin' into my world
It's too late I got, my wife, my (*##$, my girl

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I was nineteen
Met a nice queen

Car was light green
Naughty as ice cream
But she too jealous Nickaleas

Sort of ridiculous
With the liffa kickin' it
We can never be inconspicuous (My (*##$)

Rolls with me
It's so sickly
In love with me

But she give me Felicia 'ol hickeys
But go get me, in the wee hours to get me slow quickys
So sticky

Roll with my homies she so shifty (My wife)
Married a monsta
Carried a youngsta

Said if you cheated it you will come back to hunt ya
She said my filthy world
Makes her wanna hurl

And that's my first verse
My wife, my (*##$, my girl

[Hook x2: Tech N9ne]
Daddy told me that she wanna control the chick
She gotta go and blow her grip

Because it's all unload on a (*##$
One is no trip
But two had mo lip

And three I just can't cope with
My wife, my (*##$, my girl

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Got a nice [email protected]#*
And it's right ain't it

Can't really touch durin' the day but in the night tame it
Usin' fight language
When she take inches

Great (*##$es
Gettin' busy on the weight benches (My (*##$)
Got a big butt

A big [email protected]#%
Who get big bucks
You might look up and get your chick sucked

Cause she's bi-sex
Keep her thighs wet
Spontaneous I don't know what we gon try next (My wife)

Go a ghetto booty like Naomi
Imma tell you like Jayo say
All my (*##$es havin' fancy dreams

And all my (*##$es wearin' Applebottom jeans
My wife, my (*##$, my girl


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]

If one's trippin'
The other's for fun flippin'
You coo

She run's limpin'
You end up with funds missin'
You foo
Come wicked your women become visious and cruel
Dump checkin' to some funds with some checks and you loose

Out of balance the playalistical values and lyin'
I done challenged the way of Mystical powers and hinted
I can silence an egotistical chick in a fight
I'm defiant with an evil twist my girl, my (*##$, and my wife
Ain't no (*##$ on this planet that is a match for me

They get sick and they stand it cause Ninna packs the three
Have to be
Crash to see
If naturally to cause a catastrophe
Exsactaly (My wife)

Don't like me (My (*##$)
Get's hyphy (My girl)
Might knife me twice just to spite me (My wife)
If I break her heart (My (*##$)
It'll rip her apart (My girl)

But I'm the smarter y'all (My wife, my (*##$, my girl)

[Hook x4]

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