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TEAM NAPALM : Picture That lyrics

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TEAM NAPALM lyrics : "Picture That"

[Intro: Islord]
Who the, who the, yo, who the, yo, who the, yo

[Chorus 2X: Islord]
Who the $#&@ said we fell off, picture that
Everytime we come, kid, we come correct

And still on the run up, on your set, swift techs
Cuz ^!$$%s is some real $#&@ing vets

Let me ask ya'll ^!$$%s a question
What the $#&@ was ya'll ^!$$%s thinking

Going up against me, kid?
Don't you know, kid, I put end to careers, do, kid
So who gassed ya'll, who put batteries in ya'll backs

For ya'll to step up to get viciously attacked
By this animal, who tears the heart, challenge challengers everyday
Everywhere I go, everywhere I be, I tear the hearts out of challengers, kid

And you definetly, ain't no different, who the $#&@ is you?
I put one, two, three, four, five, six, clips, them slugs in ya mutha$#&@ing crew
(*##$ $$# ^!$$%, get slapped ^!$$%

Going against my mutha$#&@ing style, ^!$$%
Cuz I'm straight from Staten Island
Where ^!$$%s be wilding, Killah Hill 10304

Where %#@! is crazy raw, like the meat market
I hang ^!$$%s up like targets
Then put four-five slugs in they hearts, kid

[Dom Pachino]
$#&@ it, dump the whole clip, then sink they whole ship

Don't even feel the pain, when they $#&@ing with this
Misfits, pull out some grenades and start launching and %#@!
These weapons ain't silent, they noisy and %#@!

These little [email protected]$)got $$# (*##$ ^!$$%s
Say the name Killarm', and see a ditch, ^!$$%s
Ya'll in trouble, you are $#&@ing with a rich ^!$$%

I'm waiting for the paper, work to go through
The whole'll Team be mobile
If we see you round the hood, we gon' show you

Don't let that mouth, sign checks, that the $$# can't cash
Keep the heat in the stash, if he drive, don't keep the heat in the dash
Kid, keep it on you, little [email protected]$)gots dissin' Dom P., the street done warned you

You are $#&@ing with some bredren man, nobody knows you
You reap what you sow, ^!$$%, and you will be seen

[Chorus 2X]

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