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TEAM NAPALM : It's Over lyrics

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TEAM NAPALM lyrics : "It's Over"

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
She know I did her wrong

Now she wants some revenge
But she wont get it, cuz I'm gone
[Chorus 2X: Monique]

Yes, it's over, your flow is gone
Sorry, but they don't need, to be, wrong
Somewhere you lost your key, and now you can't compete

With me, and it's plain to see
[Dom Pachino]
Yo, sometimes I miss her, used to hug and kiss

Ms. Insecure, I used to diss her, that used to piss her off
I was her ^!$$%, but was more like a father figure
Taught her how to cook, clean, and get a nut off

Was I good man, merely, to be sincerely true
I was $#&@ing Jasmine, Linda and Shirley
What could I do, I was lustering, boo

Besides that, I would not really trust in you
Now why's that, maybe all the clubbing, all the tight clothes
Maybe cuz, you was hanging out with some trife hoes

But I love you, despite thoughs
But if I can't trust, while I'm out on tour, I can't be yours
Cuz music's my first love, and you're my second

I told you that, the first time that I got you naked
So respect it, and everything'll be splendid
But if not, I'mma have to end it, I'm gone

[Chorus 2X]
[Dom Pachino]
Have you ever been involved in some %#@! like this

Where you act like your friends, but she's really a (*##$
And around everybody, ya'll don't know dick
But she suckin', and you lickin', and you lovin' this (*##$, yo

The way she twist my top, have me buggin' and %#@!
The way she kiss me and she touch me and she play with her tits
She's bananas, not only she even, she understand 'em

Not mad, that I'm giving her cousin these back spasms
I'm a nut, she's a fraction, but satisfaction
And when I hit it, it's serious, no acting

She even watch when I'm with her cousin, the door be cracking
Hoping later we can do some reinnacting
Now that's nasty, erotic, tragic, cuz she's exotic

Never been addicted to no drug, be she's a narcotic
She's the reason for me writing this song
And she's also the reason I'm gone, it's over, now

[Chorus 2X]

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