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TEAM NAPALM : Intro lyrics

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TEAM NAPALM lyrics : "Intro"

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Napalm... $#&@ing hear it?
Some good music, man, good music

Live instrumentation..
You heard? Chapizzy, what the $#&@, baby?
Yo... bout to do this, yo

[Dom Pachino]
Why don't you be original, just switch your style up

I move like DSL, you still on dial-up
I tucked you in your folder, don't make me pull your foul up
Staten Island, ^!$$%, these ^!$$%s the wildest

Making sure, pardon up like a calyst, man, it's music on copping yo palace
For a mansion in the Hamptons, my eyes red, and I keep a box like Stanfred
My sons got guns, man, them %#@!s is gigantic

Matter fact, I got some %#@!, ^!$$%s in the Atlantic
But I'd rather, kill 'em in they pockets, where it'll really hurt 'em
Man, look it, and see how I'm learning, they see how I'm earning

Now they all concerned, man, now they wanna sign me? I think that they are grimey
I did it all myself with some help from my grimeys
Sold units out the $$# like there's labels behind me

Slide in the scene, I think it's all timing
Ninety percent business, and ten percent rhyming
Napalm, Napalm...

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