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TEAIRRA MARI : Touch It lyrics

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TEAIRRA MARI lyrics : "Touch It"

We make the boys wanna holler (repeats)

You talk ..talking %#@!
Let's get it popping boy
We lower in a Lamborghini

See me ain't no stopping boy
I hope that ain't your girlfriend
That keeps on rolling eyes like that

.. get her eyes right
I ain't got a boyfriend
I came all alone tonight

Caught me in a foot..
Yeah I'm in my zone tonight

I'm gonna pack it up
You buy me a drink

While I turn it up
Tell me what you think
It was all a tease

But he must look like he seems
Cause he hollers in my ear
Try to give me to a ..

Cause I know he wanna touch it
I know he wanna touch it
Try it on a scam

But he must have known my name
That boy's staring at me the whole night
Cause I know he wanna touch it

I know he wanna touch it

I'll be popping

I'll be lucky
What a sight to see
I might even do it back upon you

If I like the ..
I can see it in your eyes
And the way you're all upon ..

I can ride it like Ciara
.. my name Ciara
And I see it back but you're not looking in the mirror


All my ladies sayin
If you know they wanna touch it ( repeats)

Talking and twisted
When I'm out on the dance floor
I am not the girl that you ..

So happy for
Even though you love it
You can never touch

Go and see your prince
Grab it ?

We make the boys wanna holler (repeats)

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