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TEAIRRA MARI : Exclusive lyrics

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TEAIRRA MARI lyrics : "Exclusive"

Verse:I'm giving you something to talk about,you know that pressing me for it but wont get it out of me I've been holding on to it but here is your chance babe (ya chance babe)you can take notes if you want to, I'll take it slow so it's easy to follow just come with me, it's gonna get hot in here, anything you want to hear,talking to you

Chorus:Boy you got a, you got a way that you making me do anything, boy you got a, you got a way that you making me say everything, boy it's exclusive, what you get from me is exclusive boy do you know what to do with, exclusive, cause you got a, you got exclusive love from me baby

Verse: I know that you've had nothing like it boo I can tell how you get so excited when your with me, ask me anything I'll tell you just how I want it (how I want it) your the only one I'll give it to, cause I know you won't take advantage of me, it's gonna get hot in here anything you wanna hear talking to you



Bridge: And we'll go all night long (we can go all night long) I'll give you all you want (giving you all you want) its the one and only, boy you know you want it so, come get it, come get it, come get it, boy you got a, you got a, you.

Chorus 2x then fade out

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