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TEAIRRA MARI : Built for this lyrics

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TEAIRRA MARI lyrics : "Built for this"

[verse 1]
i bet you thought about me, thought that i was gone
garrentee to doubt me, thought that i was done

wanna see me lose it, you wanna see me fail
see here im a winner & yes i will provail
all of thats told me, told me that i've changed

i tell you that i have, but i cant be the same
seen so many places, living out my dream
no matter what you say im still me

ohhhhh, they pushed my back against the wall

take everything to make me fall
but im still up running, cant tell me i aint built for this
go head & close all the doors, cuhs imma make it through the most

see im still up running, cant tell me i aint built for this

[verse 2]

i heard them say there's no way i would make it
they counted me out when they thought that i was fading
tryna tell me that i wouldnt go far & now they smile when they see me

see my face on the tv, yeahhhh
cuhs i gave it all i had, i had to take control
im not supporting tabs, i've got the starring role

& here i stand alone & i feel so free
no matter what im doing im still me

ohhhh, still the same girl
in the same world that im living in, wishing it was different

sometimes i just cant believe, that this is really happening to me


wont let nobody break me downnnn

cuhs i done came so far to let them stop me now
dont be scared to give your all
even when it seems like you're alone, dont give up

you've gotta keep pressing on


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