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Tayong lyrics : "Im Still Missing You"

even though i do, still, (lets go!) miss you.
just like the air that i breathe, i need you, (i need you) with me.

im not gunna lie (i aint gunna lie, cus baby girl i) miss you.(woo)
just like the air that i breathe, i need you,(i need you) with me, im not gunna lie. iii..

look check i aint gunna lie to you i swear babygirl my rhymes are tru.
im still liking you, even though you dislike my crew you feel im doing things that i shouldnt do.

& i know i shouldnt have moved.
but what could i do when i know it couldnt be true.
that guys watch you cus they know your my ex.

cus i kno what the fella's like.
and they know im the jealous type so they know, dont let them get inside.
know i'll be gettin hyped. see im streetwise.

i need you, you need i. together we shine.
give it another weeks time and i still grind..



lets take it back to the old days, on he phone til so late.
now its 08, we both went our own ways.
why? i wont say.

im on the rise but i cant see i without you by my side.
so baby lets try, maybe you can ride?
i'll take you to the sky. im a star only seen at night. you dont wanna be part of an obscene life.

i got you nice if you got me right.
dont watch these guys if they clock me twice.
my face is bait so dont be suprised.

i just wanna know if you wanna be my wife but if you say no i guess i'll survive... (even though i do, still)(yeah).


miss you.
just like the air that i breathe,
i need you (i swear i need you) with me.

im not gunna lie, (yeah, i aint gunna lie. cus baby girl i,)
i cant (yeah) imagine my life without you but i,(real talks)
suppose, i will, survive.. (Jheeze)

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Thanks to Jordon.Casey