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TAY BARTON lyrics : "Country Boy For Christmas"

I've been a good girl
All year long
Now the season's coming on and and I want my way

There's a new boy
Catching my eye
Hear Jingle bells ringing when he looks my way

Crossing every other thing off of my list
Santa baby all I want for Christmas is

That blonde haired green eyed

Killer of a southern smile
Little slice of heaven wrapped up in a bow
With a dangerous attitude

All I really wanna do
Is start a fire between us when the night turns cold
Saving all my kisses

Santa please listen
Want a Country boy for Christmas

It's been a long time
Since I had a Christmas wish
He's the kinda gift that I'll never take back

Out of my mind
Got the spirit of the season
I know he's the reason that I'm acting like that

I promise I'll leave out extra milk and cookies
Just put him in your bag and deliver him to me


I could ask for anything in the whole wide world
The only thing perfect for this country girl


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