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Tae Yang lyrics : "I Need A Boy (cover) by Bernadette"

I'm tired of being alone
Sick of being single
I think I need a boy

I need a boy like

One that speaks without fear

One who feels with no fear
The one that I'll love the most
A boy that will adore me

A boy that'll really love me
Will I find that kind of boy?

And if I will be not around
He will always miss me
When I feel like no one loves me

He'll make me feel that he's the one who loves me


Boy, I need a boy
I need someone who I can call mine,
And I will be his only one

Boy, I need a boy
Baby, I need you
Boy you need me too

A boy that is my ideal type
Anything he does just makes me smile

I wanna be with you every now and then
We'll be together till this world ends

The one that'll be my everything
He will do just everything
Just to make me see that he's the one for me

Oh when you come, I hope that you're really the one
Please never leave me, promise me, oh baby

When I feel like no one loves me
He'll make me feel that he's the one who loves me

(Repeat Chorus)

Every time I'll see you stare

It'll make me blush and wave my hair
We may have some differences
But our hearts beat the same

Now that's what matters at the of the day
I love you, It's you, I will adore
Baby boy, you are really the one, yes I'm sure

That'll make my heart and mind be one

Your voice will wake me up in the morning

Your morning kiss will make me strong through the day
And every time you'll see me, certainly
There will be no doubt for you to kiss me

You make my, you make my heart beat fast again
You make me create sweet songs again

You know.. don't need no more
I will never be the same no more
To you I will give.. I will give my whole heart

Boy, I need a boy
Oohh.. yeaah
Boy, be mine.. Gotta make you mine

I'ma treat you right, baby
(Repeat Chorus)

Boy, I need a boy, yeah (2x)
Boy, I need you oh so badly..
Baby I need you

Boy, you need me too
Boy.. I need a boy

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