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TADPOLE : Something Real (Na Na Song) lyrics

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TADPOLE lyrics : "Something Real (Na Na Song)"

Well I'm so sick of the bubblegum boys and lollypop girls
The mediocre taking on the world
You wanna sing along to their heartfelt songs

But they don't write a word that they say

Don't you want something that's real

Baby don't you need something that's real
Don't you want something that's for real

They go na na na na, na na na na na na

Well I'm so sick of the rock boys with their new tattoos

And of girl power in a boobie tube
They all look alike behind the mike
And you know it ain¹t even turned on

Oh everybody knows
And oh, everybody knows

Who they're $#&@ing now.

You fake you scheme and I'll learn

(Surrender the gameâ?¦)

My weapon is levelled and set to fade
And while I scan the surroundings it's set to fade

Let this serve as your warning, your game is played out
I'll just, I'll just fade you out
Now I have turned the tables, failure never tasted sweet

The pride that's yours to swallow will choke you in defeat
But thank you so much for your concern
You break you bleed and I'll learn

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