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Tad Morose lyrics : "Mother Shipton's Words"

Can I foretell the future?
I often feel it
Who bares his teeth and kills

Prevail next time
You and I we've seen the past
She saw the future

She knew, she saw its stare

Carry words through time and beyond

Tell their tale, sing their song
And in this realm on the hill, we'll be
Covered in blood, you will see

Tyrants shall rise
and tyrants shall fall

Each sprung from his dynasty
Wars will be planned
The sword sweep the land

Black, red, green

Mother Shipton's words

How come you see the past
Is it still with you?

Tomorrow's racing fast
Will you be there?

For seven days and seven nights we watch this sight
Then we incinerate, the dragon's breath alight
But then a time will come when all of this is gone

Man will forget and smile and once more carry on..

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