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Tad Morose lyrics : "In The Shadows"

For the fathers of wisdom are lost
And the magic of freedom is gone
Can a time that you spend on your own

Heal the heart and the mind set in stone

With the sign of the cross over me

Let the magic I need always be
When they say that the one must be three
Can a knight and a cross set you free

And once you have crossed over
Forever you will stay

In the shadows
Let the magic always be

In the shadows
Crossing over, over
In the shadows

One touch will set you free
If you need me
I'm standing in the shadows

Does the book that you read speak of hell
Will the life that you lead do as well

Do the stars make a difference somehow
Will you hide in their light, ooh

Oh once you have crossed over
Forever you will stay

and they say that the damned are all free
We know it's meant to be
The Magic's touching me

We're standing in the shadows

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