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T PAIN : Ring Leader Man lyrics

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T PAIN lyrics : "Ring Leader Man"

Ohhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh
Hey we gonna have a ripping good time
Just hit rewind

And you can see I'm far too crazy

My rhythms and rhymes

Keep n****s in line
Cause now is not the time to be lazy

I'm the ringleader man
A cane in my hand
And a iced out tophat on my head

Ain't you tired of that whackness
Sick of this wack s**t
Wouldn't you like some of me instead

The ringleader man
This is my circus I'm working
I can flip this whole game with one hand

The ringleader mann
i know-ohh its a fact you'd rather have some of me instead

the ringleader mannnn
the ringleader mannnn

hey, this industry is my circus, i know that its hurts
just sit back and take Pain like i used to

and im tryna stop cursin but i dont give a f**k
im gon curse you with lyrical voodoo

im the ringleader man, you cant understand
the s**t that come outta my head
but you like all that whackness

loving all that whack s**t
ill rather just say f**k you instead
the ringleader man

this is my circus im working
i can flip this whole game with one hand
the ringleader man

i know-ohh its a fact that you rather just have some of me instead
the ringleader man

hahaha....the ringleader man

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