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Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Yo little squirrel

how you doin' now?
you been out all night man!
now come on! go in your tree!

you eatin' all those little small nuts
you crackin' all those little teeth

you makin' me crazy, cause now I love you

I dont know whats goin' on now

but I know im in the zone for it
I know I can do this, cause I been waitin' all night now

come out little squirrel
I need to see your face

with those big puppy eyes
and that little tiny face
now just come out for me

cause I need to see you
and if you dont, I will have to kill you

so please little squirrel, come out and play
I wanna touch your little belly, and play all friken' day


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