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T PAIN : feed the lions skit lyrics

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T PAIN lyrics : "feed the lions skit"

Now no-no-now ^!$$% just, just sit down for a minute man

Cause I gotta get somethin off my chest.

You understand me?

I'm on the high wire at every night.

You understand me?

Balancing on that (*##$ is a motherf**ker.

You understand me?

So you know, I'm balancin on that motherf**ker

And he gon give me you know, twos and fews, twos and fews.

Eerryy time twos and fews

But them motherf**kin midgets is gettin paid man, I'm tellin you.

That little bitty motherf**ker

You understand me?

But this little ring leader cat

You know, im sayin every time i sit him down im talkin to him

I'm sayin hey mayne look here, look here, can I get a raise?

You know what I'm sayin?

Hows a motherf**ker half my motherf**kin size gettin paid more than me?

You understand me?

I'm gettin half of the money and i'm taller than the motherf**ker.

%#@! is crazy mayne.

You kno what im sayin?

The lion came out the motherf**kin cage? Aiight?

White people sittin on the front row

Like they do.

You understand me?

One of em wanna throw some popcorn at the lion.

I knew the motherf**kers hungry

Cuz they didnt feed the motherf**ker at the last show

You understand me?

We stopped in kansas city, missouri and the motherf**ker didn't even feed the lion.

What happened?

Three ate up lil white childern.


Who he blame it on?


You understand me?

That's some bull%#@!!

I don't feed the animals and the high wire

That's bull%#@!!

T-Pain: Y'all better not be smokin in my %#@! man!

Say what?

T-pain: Stop smokin in my f**kin cadillac man!


T-Pain: Yes you is! ^!$$%, I see it!

I don't even know why you keep trippin on that %#@!!

T-Pain: becuz ^!$$% thats my %#@!!

You understand me? It got a ashtray in the front the back the side all up in this motherf**ker

T-Pain: That don't mean nothin!

Why you gotta ashtray you don't want nobody smokin in the motherf**ker!

T-Pain: Cause I can motherf**ker!

Well why we gotta ride in the god damn cadillac to begin wit?!

You aint got no regular motherf**kin transportation for a motherf**ker?


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