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T PAIN : Bang Bang Pow Pow lyrics

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T PAIN lyrics : "Bang Bang Pow Pow"

Na Na Na
Ohh, Ohh

Na Na Na

My money right, my money money, my bread good (good, good)
Shawty f-ckin', wassup girl, that head good?
Bang Bang Pow Pow

I do my thang thang
Look at me now now

My money right, my money money cash up
Up up and away, face down, $$# up
I rep my town town, that's where I'm from

So ^!$$% pow pow, bum bum

Money to blow, I'm limpin' off tour

Boatload of cash, (*##$ I'm overboard
I got money for these [email protected]^%s if you open up the door
Company accounts and they're all one accord

Real talk, I don't speak, even if it's "hi haters"
I'm on top and I done locked the elevator
All these (*##$es say Im fly and I can never touch the ground

I'm not tryna be in your circle cause I don't $#&@ around

I get that money, that money (money)

I live it, I want it, Drop the top on that Ferrari
Now I'm in California

I let the hard top down and the wind blow through
All I do is win, what the $#&@ you gonna do?
I'm good, good, good

and I do this for my hood, hood, hood
Yeah, and aint nobody gonna stop me I doing it right now
So bang bang pow pow

everybody say

I go so hard they call me go so hard
You aint a king, you a joker card
F-ckin' up the Church money like an alter boy

I got them yellow Xanies, that's them Tonka Toys
I go bonkers boy, I put that on my momma dem
The hoes are all alike, they put the ho in homonym

I think all these ^!$$%s sound like me, That's a compliment
I told a midget (*##$, I do it big hippopotamus
Put that on my Slime and them

No B-ball; we stop and pop
No B-ball we got %#@! locked
Swagga ill, what's up doc?

Make that p-ssy pop like the gun I went to jail for
Shoot the doors off that jeep, that (*##$ look like a mail truck
You p-ssy! keep your tail tucked real, ^!$$%s in this (*##$

Get that p-ssy wet, f-ck her than I jet: Kenny Smith
#T-pain voice, all I do is win and %#@!
Young money in your motherf-cken face:


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