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T MILLI lyrics : "Locked Up Ft. DUC3"

I been feelin like I been locked up,
Soon as I get out Ima Squad Up

Even though I know everything is fine
Feels like I'm facing 25 to life

-Verse 1-
Made it off the block bruh,

still feelin locked up,
tryin get my knots up,
electric flow bout to get my watts up,

lotsa friends that love double crossin,
they hatin but i dont watch em,
so sick im bout to throw up,

they mad im bout to blow up,
spittin venom im a cobra,
You already know da

i make it pop like some soda

so i sold my soul
oh man,
i never $#&@in trust rap

watch me kill the whole track,
somethin like a running back,
any tempo i can run with that,

rewind the track then run it back,
his web is spun in facts,
$#&@ an arachnapobic

8 limbs equipped with pens a poet
deadly hourglass sure to $#&@in show it
im a black widow

fed up with %#@! on skidrow
so i enter kill mode
take a breathe and reload


Words switchin sides on me,
Brain cuttin ties with me,
these other cats is basic

couple bars aint %#@!,
mouth a brush watch me paint %#@!,
neverending resevoir

so therefore
i spit forever more
realest %#@! you ever did adore

rhymes are 2 by 4
a bunch of $#&@in hard words,
these other cats is card board,

gassed up with the pedal floored
words hella sharp my tongue a sword,
dont get your thoughts aborted

brains a different flavor $$#orted,
they say they want the refill
fade into lebron tell me how the heat feel

convicted you should know that we kill
the worlds so mysterious
im crazy and delirious

hes talkin to me are you $#&@in hearin this
my mind was clogged so im clearin it,
im not a god but im near it

feelin departed
lost in the devils department


Now a days hip hop is superficial

makin kids think its cool to shoot a pistol
fake gs equipped with no crudentials
makin cheese boastin they influential

this rap %#@! i aint new to this
freestyle %#@! is ludacris
bare naked bars guess im on my nudist %#@!

findin nirvana lost up in this budhist %#@!
bout to $#&@in blow this (*##$
puffed up like a blowfish
im the best i know this
fame comin quick i hope i didnt miss it

lost my mind but its still makin daily visits
stop and think to myself like god damn I
miss my old homies
livin in a city where nobody knows me
talkin a lot %#@! but you wont come and show me

guess im just happy being lonely


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