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T MILLI lyrics : "32 Bars"

ay let it be heard im ahead of the curve
spittin enough lead for the whole earth, witta head fulla herbs
speaking figuratively this dark figure within me

i see when i close my eyes and start dreamin
manipulating the way that im thinking my thought process
as your throughts process raw %#@! not processed

gimme credit with no test welcome to the protest
im the best but you already know this
its easy to lose focus so i hope that you do notice

that i spit magic %#@! no hokus pokus
programmed to think the way that you do
as if someone was speakin through you or for you but you dont really get it do you

gettin noticed is overdue
leave these tracks overturned and devasted
and underrated thats a $#&@in understatment

lyrics upliftin and elevatin
need a doctor im sick of bein patient
with all the wars that this nations wagin

we should be havin a war on this nations wages
the $#&@ are we fightin for %#@!s already been fought for
genocide in syria and darfur mass hysteria got me askin what for

should we drop bombs until theres none more
feds shutdown told us all be patient
mean while they're takin a paid vacation

quick to start a war with no hesitation
as they spread terror inside our own nation
use it as proof to cause devastation preacher man claims it revelations

im strugglin with family relations pissed off cause im still on probhation
like 3 years ive been waitin
over some dumb %#@! i did as a kid

like $#&@ in trouble is that how they want my $$# to live
the state sure as hell aint quick to forgive
listen people our medias misleadin

whole flock of sheep dormant and defeated
cant you smell the bull%#@! they keep servin na you just eatin
its like your brain waves are retreatin

im not !@%!y im just conceited on a throne in my own brain deep seated
all this dumb %#@! got me heated
names t milli tell your friends youve heard of me

oh you got some $#&@in words for me
go ahead and bring me down last year was the worst for me
all the time i spent in hell has got me thirsty

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