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SWAY : Still Speedin' lyrics

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SWAY lyrics : "Still Speedin'"

Walk right, walk right in
Walk right, walk right in
Walk right in

[Verse 1: Sway]
I was telling everybody up your speed

That was a couple of years ago
And now I'm revving up for deliverance
Switching up gears, got a couple of years to go

Super slow!
Here we go! As soon as you hear that, go!
Liverpool to Portsmouth, yeah

[Hook 1]
That chorus got the crowd screaming

Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
I got the people screaming
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!

[Verse 2: Sway]
Click, click, here strap

Seat belt Derek's back!
Time to blow like dynamo
No more disappearing act

I know you miss me, I miss you too!
Sometimes that's what a mist will do
Like Taiwo I was cruising

Now it's time to take my steering back
One of the best to ever do, they say
A testament to this game

(They say!)
And even in the wind I never blew it
(They say!)

I swayed but kept in my lane
They call me Fleetwood Mac
I'm a mac with a mac with a fleet

Still getting royalties
No spoiler but I spoil me!

[Hook 2]
I got the crowd screaming
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!

I got the people screaming
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Make some noise!

Still speeding!

[Verse 3: Kano]

I got the world screaming K.A.'s back!
Yeah, it's official, trumpets, please!
No kicks, but this is the rizzle

Slick rick (*##$
The rule'z here for shizzle
K.A. and Sway

Game over!
Blow the whistle!
Music you got as shoe's fit too

Paint these pictures so visual
MC's wanna come spit too
And girls wanna go shake hips too!

I'm still speeding
You don't wanna meet me at the light
Rear view mirror, ain't a thing in sight

[Verse 4: Sway]
They try to give me a ticket

But I ripped it like a raffle
Tell them people why I am Mr. Derek Safo
I'm still speeding!

Pedal to the metal on a level I ain't gonna settle
For anything less than gold I ain't gonna meddle around about
And up down and trying to build since I was like a kid

But never had the Lego
Running through the fields and the medals of Ally Pali
And now I'm a hill, Geppetto was able to make boy

I can definitely make a real hard boy as steel!
I ain't gonna stop until I do a couple of millions
I gave them my demo, now it's time to deal again!
I'm back up on the bill again
I'm fresh from the bank

Bob's your uncle!
Mines uncle Phil again
Because I've got the will and the potential
And I got the credentials
All of the essentials when it gets stressful

My beep rises but I'm never gonna stop
Unless I need to get petrol!
Still speedin'!

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