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SUMMER SCREAM : Secret Admirer lyrics

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SUMMER SCREAM lyrics : "Secret Admirer"

I like to see the look of your eyes

And a smile on your beautiful face

I always dream of you in my sleep

I don't have the courage to approach you

.. ..


You're such a beautiful angel who fell from heaven

Your beautiful face that graced the day of my day

.. ..


Let me be your secret admirer

Which is always stored in my heart

Let all be fine memories to me

Which is not forget in the rest of my life

.. ..

I can feel it when you hold my hand

And I feel like the way you feel it

Every night I always dreamed about you

Wish you were always here by my side

.. ..

Back to (*) (**)

.. ..

Be my sunshine

Let me be your secret admirer

You're the one who exist in my dreams

Don't ever go away darling

From my life

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