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Suicide Silence : You Only Live Once lyrics

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Suicide Silence lyrics : "You Only Live Once"

Push your care, push your burdens aside.
Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind.
You only live once so just go $#&@ing nuts.

Muah.. Go!

Live life hard! (x2)

You only get one shot, so shoot!

With every breath you take, you're dying.
With every step we take we're falling apart.

If we only had one chance we'd breathe,
So let's take this chance right now and scream.

You only live one life, for a very short time.
So make every second divine.


Live life hard! (x2)

Are you still breathing?
It's your heart that's beating inside that keeps us alive.

And for the very first time we're pushing aside.
To surrender everything that I see in my eyes,
Except for the one thing on my mind,

That I am alive! For the very first time!

For the first time, pushing worry aside. (x2)

Erase everything inside (x2)
And leave just one thing!

You only get one shot!
You only live once so just go $#&@ing nuts (x4)

Live life hard! (x4)

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