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SUGASPOTT : Hearts lyrics

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SUGASPOTT lyrics : "Hearts"

The Last Tears I Cried Were On The Day My Mother Died
And I Vowed Then To Remain Strong Inside
That The Strength Of Destiny Would Forever Be My Guide

I Would Never Doubt Again, Never Misunderstand My Pride
Every So Often I Find Me Questioning The Purpose
But My Doctrine Is Dictated By A Catechist Cause

To Know I Am Human, To Embrace All My Flaws
To Gather Knowledge And Wisdom, Without Any Of The Moss
So Now The Question Is How Much Does One Pay

How Much Do You Value Walking The Right Way
And Even When The Pain Is Great, Will You Seek The Truth
Knowing That It Will Hurt Will You Still Take The Oath

To Do The Best That You Can To Get Your Name In The Book
The Scripture Of Life The Promise Of Eternal Youth
To Know Of A Love That Will Wipe Away Your Tears

To Know Of A Grace That Will Wash Away Your Fears


My Brothers And Sisters, We Were Saved By Jesus
So Undress Your Sins And Digest His Deliverance

Because Even When We Trespass The Lord Forgives Us
It Doesn't Take Genius But Faith And Penance
For You To Realise The Love Of Christ

That He Would Pay The Price Conduct A Sacrifice
To Command Death And Baptize Me With Life
A Love Without Measure I Have Seen It With My Eyes

So Now We Are Charged To Greatness
The Glory Of God The Purpose Of Our Existence
So Lets Join The Universe And Exalt Him With Praise

And Watch The Light Of Your Soul Glow With His Eminence
To Give Us The Power To Beat Death In Our Own Flesh
The One And Only Son Of Man Jesus Of Nazareth

He Already Paid The Cost So Think About It For A Second


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