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SUGA FREE : Why U Bullshittin'? lyrics

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SUGA FREE lyrics : "Why U Bullshittin'?"

So pay attention, babe
Pay attention
Our Father, who art in Heaven

Quik gave me a beat, now Pomona's on the set, now...


Get your money, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

Mama tries but there ain't no love like homie love, baby
I'm G'd up and I'm crazy
And there's a mellow ghetto breeze on my $$#

Cause I'm, saggin', don't wanna die so I'm taggin'
Now when I see my baby cryin'
I can't explain how it hits me

I'm tryin' papers while she fill it in
Ya see in order for me to win, I gotta lose sometimes, baby
I know I'm wrong but I'ma make it

Now I...

Never hit hit a woman, naha

But I slapped the %#@! out of a (*##$, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
If you think a little ahead, you gets a little ahead, little trick
But I ain't goin' against the grain, not me, not even a little bit

Bet she didn't tell you she used to be my ho, huh?
Yeah ^!$$%, she sold that #[email protected] for me, in Pomona
You better take some of this night time sticky icky head

'Fore she could realise I'm tryin' to get rich with Quik
Why you bull%#@!tin'? ??
Suga Free is lovely and pretty as I can be

Perms simpler than Charlotte Spred, waves deep as Redonda Beach
Tellin' you to

Get your money, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

I get down, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

Now what's the problem ^!$$%?
Whu-what? Yo' lady won't suck your dick?
Cause for the very low low price of $100 you can use my (*##$

And if you act now, man, I'll throw in a ho that'll buff your nad
She used to work down there at the Sperm Bank
See, she got fired for drinkin' on the job

But you ain't know, givin' baby yo' money, be killin' me!
Lettin' that (*##$ disrespect you in front of yo' friends be killin me!
Always givin' that (*##$ some dick, killin' me

goin' through one ear, comin' out the other,
Talkin bout you feelin' me
Now, partner tell me where my love at

Cause I'ma tell you where you're wrong at
I'll be in but I won't break, not me, no matter
If I'm broker than her, I won't take her purse

I just want the whole ???
%#@!! And at that you broke, been broke, gon' be broke
Wanna see me broke, but please ho, really doe

Cause I, tell a lie? She tell a lie
sit there with a straight face ??? on one anothers lives
Now I can tell you 30 times how to pimp you a ho

And I can tell you 30 mo' and you still won't know
Partner, you wanna overuse the #[email protected]?
Me, I'm tryin' to hit the news with the #[email protected]

In a survey it's estimated that 9 out of 10 men don't check they styles
But Suga Free'll tell your pretty $$# to get the $#&@ out!

And get my money, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

I get down, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

(*##$ come get yo' damn kid, you see him tearin' up my %#@!?
She's starin' dead at they $$#, you won't tell 'em to quit
Now, I whoop they $$#, $#&@ waitin' 'till baby turn her back

Lil ol' man come sock me, trust me
He tryin' to run, he gettin' cracked
I want you but I really don't need you, (*##$
Cause all you do is eat, burp and $#&@ and talk that %#@!
And tell yo' kids I ain't they mother$#&@in' daddy

What-what? Yo' medi couch fly?
Cause they look like they been eatin' cabbage
And it don't cost a dime
I won't knock one pork chop off yo' plate
If you don't knock one of mine, ??

cause a hoes gonna be a ho for real
Quit jockin' her cause youse a snack, she lookin' for a meal
And I ain't tryin' to be your friend (*##$
Buddy, buddy, thats my partner, that ^!$$% cool, and all that %#@!
Sayin: I won't be afraid, I won't go astray

I'll play like I'm wake, I'll stay in my place
Please let me stay, I'll hold to my grave
So how you wanna handle this? Baby we'll dismantle this
And we blows you out like a candle trick

And we blows you out like a candle trick

Man, get your money, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Believe me, I get down, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

That's right, baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Don't $#&@ around, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Yo, Kingpin, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
I think, Pomona Town, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Uhh! That's where I'm from, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Get your money, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Table for two, baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!

Uuh, trick, it ain't hard, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
And you know what? Credit card, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Got my money baby, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Ahh, god damn, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Suga Free, I get down, why you bull%#@!tin'?!
Suga Free, Black Tone, don't be bull%#@!tin'!
Kingpin for life!

Ahhhh, I get down for life, oh

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