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SUGA FREE : Don't Fight Da Pimpin' lyrics

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SUGA FREE lyrics : "Don't Fight Da Pimpin'"

[Verse 1]
Don't get mad when you see me with my prostitute
I seen [?????] tax his ho on you square $$# dudes

I can't believe the power I possess that make you so mad
If it ain't the pimp music, it's the game I have
You know how stupid you look at me when you hatin, my friend

I'll prolly have to blast yo $$# if I see you again
You on a bus stop pushin that (*##$ till it came
You say goodbye for 30 minutes cause you gots no game

Who you talkin to like that, don't question me ho
You the (*##$ in kindergarten
That got her mouth washed out with soap

Ho I'm a pimp I'm from Pomona I got game I got class
I got sucker-repellent on me homie I'll beat yo $$#
I hear you pimpin now, huh? Well ain't that nice

Ain't never sent a prostitute nowhere a day in your life
And tell your homies I was at a music grindin
With my prostitutes standin right out front

Then tellin me you had two of them punk


Don't, fight the pimpin'
Don't, fight the pimpin'
Don't, fight the pimpin'

^!$$% don't, fight the pimpin

[Verse 2]

Her name was (*##$, cause she $#&@ed for free
But now when Suga met her not after $#&@in with me
Oh no, cause either you gon be a run-down-the-hill-and-get-some (*##$

Or walk-down-the-hill-and-get-em-all hustler, so come on
With ya bad self in high heels on, come on
Lips, hips, fingertips on the stroll, come on

Respect the game (*##$, do as you're told
Cause I been pimpin prostitutes since 17 years old
Done seen LB, [?????], Warren Y, AY, A-Cap, Norlean Clear

Patrick Camp, [??????????] graduated from state
And got my game from all the freaks gonna wreck my case
It's my prerogative, run my game (*##$ and it's gonna come back

pimp pimp pimp pimp pimp pimp P-I-M-P positive
Look for the holder knock (knock)
Give her the sugar lock (lock)

Get at the ho, strip the ho
Now I got ho on the @@#! (@@#!)


[Verse 3]

Now how fine do I gotta get?
To have a prostitute servin me the way she do
Now how fine do I gotta get?

If I wanna wait 5 years to give you the blues
Now how fine do I gotta get?
If I kick it with her would gettin bang ^!$$% what's my name

Now how fine do I gotta get?
If I jack off with a sock in the sunshine homie
And you see that yellow spot

I'm a full-fledged pimp, I made two hos faint
But I'ma listen to yo $$# say what I can and I can't
$#&@ that! Man this Laneway, straight from the dirt

And I'll beat a (*##$ $$# till she respects my work
Old tired $$# ^!$$% don't see she wanna be snatched
And wonder why them (*##$es leavin with no dap and no snacks

And rather sit here with no cigarettes and no beer
Complainin about how you can't pay yo bills
And the (*##$ right here


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