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Sufjan Stevens : Christmas In July lyrics

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Sufjan Stevens lyrics : "Christmas In July"

If I missed my chance, I didn't even try
I'm not one to regret Christmas in July
If my timing is bad, like a fish on a bike,

Would you let me pretend: Christmas in July?

I'm not one to admit; I'm not one to fight,

Maybe I was wrong, or maybe I was right
Like when I went to school, drinking coffee at night,
And I did what I did; now I do what I like

Open the champagne, party and pensive
Your mother said it's very expensive

Do what you want to, don't even ask us
Paraguay, Boston, Philly, Damascus

Maybe its the snow, the endless winter nights
And the winter coat, the one you never liked
But I'll take the sun and I'll take my kite,

Christmas on the beach, Christmas in July
And I love my friends, even if they fight
Christmas in July, just to keep them quiet

And I love you too, I love you through the night
But now that you're away, Christmas isn't right

Don't take offenses; come to your senses,
Your confidence is straddling fences

If I miss my chance, I didn't even try
I'm not one to regret Christmas in July

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