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SUFFICE EMCEE lyrics : "Left Right!"


I wanna get so filthy rich in this (*##$

That Australia will think im planning a terrorist hit
I wanna buy a house that's big enough to house my %#@!
So everyone can see that what im doin is legit

I wanna drive the same cars as the movie stars
For the simple fact I like them really fast cars
I wanna spend my money on evry luxury

While all my enemys are left behind im hustling
I wanna be the one that everyone looks up to
So I can get inside you kids mind what you gonna do

I wanna get on the morning news and moon all of you
Cause that's just something that Ive always wanted to do
I wanna have enough to buy my woman good stuff

Cause if I don't I know shes gonna huff and puff
I wanna show my father I can gain more than power
Cause this means more to me than getting up on stage for a $#&@in hour


I wanna live my life on the edge of the line
Breakin all the rules cause you know that you can't cage this lion
I wanna be known for everything that ive done

So if I blow up i know im gonna have a lot of fun
I wanna stop to thank my friends for absolutely nothing
If it wasn't for you ide probably be something

I wanna slap all these little (*##$s in the face
For making me out to look like a $#&@in discrace
I wanna work hard to be better than you

And by you I mean every single one of you that's what I do
I wanna be seen as the man you all put through
Hell no he's lookin down on you like what you gonna do

I wanna walk away and wash the past away
But I know that %#@! will come back on another a rainy day
I wanna be able to say you said ide never be nothing now

Look at me Im $#&@in swimming in money!!!


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