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SUEDE : Stay Together lyrics

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SUEDE lyrics : "Stay Together"

Come to my house tonight,
We can be together in the nuclear sky.
We wildance in the poison rain,

We can stay a while in heaven today.


Stay together
And say, these days ??

Stay together
Two hearts under the skies remain.

There's a time bomb in the high ?life?
There's a blue suburban dream.

Will I see you up in paradise?
Or have you come to touch me?

Come to my arms tonight,
You and me together on electric light.
She will dance in the poisoned air,

Just you and me forever by the motorway ??


Come to my arms or not,
Just you and me together in the year of the hawk.

Single file in the nuclear night,
And we can feel a little closer as we tumble through the sky.



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