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SUDDEN INFANT DEATH : Vortex Of Limbs lyrics

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SUDDEN INFANT DEATH lyrics : "Vortex Of Limbs"

From beyond a relentlessly malignant vortex-like sentience
Snatching interstellar beings that cant escape its presence
Helplessly vulnerable they have been granted a death sentence

There is no hiding from its ravenously deadly essence

All of earths beings pulled through wormhole transportation

As well as other alien creatures from distant locations
Dismembered on their travel to this empty barren plane
Sent to this planet to rot on the vacant terrain

Earthly flesh reacts dissolving with biological alien compounds
Creating pools of toxic acidic slime on these desolate grounds

Emitting clouds of deadly organic gasses
Above these piles of rancid steaming masses

All this corrosive matter festering in this bizarre and grotesque scene
Curdling under several suns the alien horizon turns a vile shade of green

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