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STYX : Just Get Through This Night lyrics

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STYX lyrics : "Just Get Through This Night"

(Bob (Aku Aku) Young)
"Help me Fans.... We'll make history tonight"

"I hear you fellow listees...Meet me at the voting booth"

This could be the longest night in recorded history

And as for sleep, you might as well just cross it off the list

(Now) The booth is in crazy mode
And this is just a fan fight
But I would smile if my man won

If I just get through this night
Oh, Oh

I could spend my time online
Defending my side
Pour my soul into each and every sentence

Then brace myself from the tide
Of attacks from the others
They'll state you don't know both sides

And I could bear the cold and stormy winter
If I just get through this fight
Oh, oh

Don't you know there's no place on this earth
Where you can run to escape the pain of a broken band?

We want them to make up but it's out of our hands,
Oh, oh
But now I've gotta get a life

Spend some time with kids and wife
And no longer to fly'

Styx could be a reborn star
The king of retro bands
Make us fly, attending many concerts

But they've split their loyal fans
If they would, end this current rift today
And know magic comes from the Big Three

They could blow us all away
If they'd only find their way, oh
If they just get through this fight, oh

So we'll have to get through this night

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