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STYLES P : Keep The Faith lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "Keep The Faith"

[Intro: (Aja)]
What can I say? (ooohhh, yeeeaaahh! )
It's so real.

I don't even feel like talkin' most of the time... (yeee-eeeaaa-yeeaaahhh,
Yeee-eeeaaa-yeeeaaahhh! )
It's ironic that I happen to MC...

Then I don't really wanna say %#@!! (ooo-ooohhh-ooohhh! )
Kinda funny, though... (yeeeaaahhh, ooohhh! )

[Styles P:]
I always feel the ghost-es amongst me (yeah! )

I remember times when the roaches was hungry. (let 'em know! )
The livin' was grungy. - If it's money, I bungee until the cord breaks;
(Sss! )

Thinkin' that I might be the one that's in the Lord's way. (I might be! )
Am I the bad that's provokin' the good? (c'mon! )
We all ride! - All live and we smokin' the good. (we all liiive! )

But my ^!$$% on the reel to reel; (reel! )
We move stock - 'til we not for gettin' - killed for bills! (it's like
That! )

And it's all about the chills and thrills - and the good times (good
Times! )
It's like the mob, ^!$$%, - in it 'til the hood dies! (YEEAAHH! )

Addicted to the concretes, addicted to the crates! (uhh! )
If we don't get a connect, - we stickin' up a wake. (word! )
Whatchu know about a wake - with the bishop bein' late? (whatchu know?)

All my jail ^!$$%z standin' up, fists up to the gate. (staand up! )
[email protected]^#got-ass CO's get the piss up in they face (ssshhh! )
Hold a grudge cause the judge never listened to the case! - Yeah!

[Chorus: Aja]
Even though you feeel liiike - cryyyiiin'

Juuust keeep on smilin'!
Believin' that, there is gonna beee,
Somethin' better past the paaaiiin!

And even though it huuurts liike heeell
You, - juuust keeep on giiivin'!
Doo-ooo-ooon't stop moviiin' aaand

It's all worth it in the eeend; you just keep the - faith!

[Styles P:]

You can see it but you just can't vision it! (see it! )
Society judge a man for the way - that he live in it. (true! )
Either you gettin' money or deal with imprisonment;

No in betweens! (no in betweens! ) - I'm gettin' green! (sss! )
Spots in the world where - they don't know what dinner mean; (damn! )
It's really not that crazy in the paint! (not! )

Hear 'Clef in the club. - Have Haiti on the brain! (salute! )
Surrounded by liquor drinkers, ^!$$%z makin' it rain. (uhh! )
And the world's always changin' but we still need change. (change! )

Life's a (*##$. - Is death like a good woman? (huuuh! )
I ask that - cause I know the whole hood comin' (I KNOW! )
And the fam' comin'. - And do!

Heaven got a' ocean or a dam runnin', tryna understand somethin'; (tryna! )
Flowin' like a feather in the wind. (flow! )
It start off rough. - Do it get better at the end? (huuuh! )

Do I go to a place - where I don't never have to sin? - Yeah!


[Styles P:]
I'm wicked in my ways cause my temperament, (yeah! )

Ride for my crew and $#&@ - everybody's sentiment. (ride! )
You enter in the dragon or "The Gangster And The Gentleman" [inhale]
Saliva - is like poison - with adrenaline! (fear you! )

I spread love to the point I hit the hay line. (you know! )
$#&@ jail and state time but you ain't gon' take mines! (brother! )
It sucks when you livin on gun terms;

Rather be - high on the island gettin' sunburned! [inhale]
Live 'til I'm old know what my daughter and my son learned
Life is all real, my ^!$$%. - You get one turn! (one turn! )

I'm tryna tell these boys that they oughta learn
It ain't just fire, my ^!$$%. - Even water burn! - Yeah!


[Outro 1: Aja - talkin']
Faith makes all things possible. (makes all things possibleee! )
Faith is the reality of... (the realityyy! )

Things I hope for. (of things that I hooope fooor! )
And the evidence of things not seen and told... (evidence... of things NOT
Seeen and tooold! )
Keep the faith, y'all! (woooaaahhh! )
Hahahaaa! (III see you there! )

Just keep the faith y'all (ooohhh! )


[Outro 2: Aja - singin']

Yeeaa-eeeaaahhh, ooohhh!
Somethin' better past the paaaiiin!
And even THOOOUUUGH...

Huuurts liike heeell, YOOOUUU... [beat fades-out]
It's all worth it in the eeend; you just keep the FAAAIIITH!

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