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STYLES P : In My Hood lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "In My Hood"

"Don't push the Mario man!"

[Styles P]

(In my hood) E'rybody sayin $#&@ 50 ($#&@ him)
That he don't really want a buck fifty (uh-uh)
Listen dawg, Banks ain't %#@! and Buck ain't %#@! (they ain't %#@!)

By the way, as usual, suck my dick
And the other ^!$$% ain't worth nuttin (uh-uh)
He ain't worth shootin, ain't worth countin to mention a ^!$$%

Catch 50 in the hood, we lynchin a ^!$$%
Heard Boy Wonder gay as a bird
Did a [email protected]$^o with a man, ^!$$% stay off the curb

And by the way, I don't wanna $#&@in hammer you ^!$$%z
I know James Cruz a rat and that's your manager ^!$$%
And birds of a feather, flock together

Fly South for the winter get shot together (boom)
It's a God damn shame what it's come to
Got a bullet in his jaw guess 50 want, one in his tongue too

But I ain't tryin to $#&@ with the Rat Unit
Made 50 million, spent about ten on police
And I ain't got that much but I can chill on the streets

And I ain't tryin to get in the mood (uh-uh)
Who you tryin to fake out, when the only thing you take out is food
^!$$% better look at your zip code

I'll be in New York when I'm spittin that %#@! bro
I ain't got a problem with lettin the fifth go
Your men look like (*##$es, tell them ^!$$%z start lettin your dick go

You don't really want it with Ghost
Your money long but my %#@! still stronger than dope, mother$#&@er

Cowards, whattup ^!$$%? (Yeah)
How could you talk %#@! with police with you? (How?)
Let's be serious

Fall back ^!$$% (fall back)
I mean you sold ten million, you did it baby
Fall back (word)

This is real ^!$$%z ^!$$%
Ain't no police over here ^!$$%
You must be $#&@in sniffin [email protected]%!e in that mansion, fake-ass Scarface

You shoulda tried to $#&@ with us, idiot
Time is money
Since you got so much money ^!$$%

Cop a million of my %#@!s, and learn somethin
Learn how to rap mother$#&@er, ONE

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