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STYLES P : Holiday Any Emcee lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "Holiday Any Emcee"

Bull pen in the building, Chasey chicken in the building
Yo ...turn that %#@!, light up
^!$$%s think they nice

You don't think we nice
Wave your $#&@ing arm
So I can take it the $#&@ off, $#&@ ^!$$%

Go ahead, let me see, hahaha

H.o.l. all day, yeah ghost is for hell I can tell my way

You know I smoke smell hellfire
What you know about shellfire
Choke with your jesus chain, $#&@ing with hell rider

Popped in the larinex, then fish your keys out the water like mariners
I'm in sierra like the mariners,
I just wanna smoke and get high

All for the cameras, tell it top 10,
Or the top 5, but I kill all of them ^!$$%s
In one letter shot fly

Hardwork, I'm rapping the hustle I'm never off work
Before you give me 5, you should think about the forth first
The white work get facilitated

Salute to the Spanish ^!$$%s affiliated
Now we hustle clean for the prison ^!$$%s that never made it
I'm neighbors with athletes and actors

Still on the strip with the dope boys and jackerz
It's not that I hustle backwards
But I can fit in anywhere, move like traffic

Let me slow down for the dumb boys
You don't see me but you hear me like the gun noise
I'm in the gunshot, yeah, it's a thumble in the jungle

The minute you let the blunt drop
If you wanna hustle then ^!$$% keep your gun @@#!ed
I'm vito corleone in my middle age

Smoking rock in my jordans they say I be killing jays
The day I die they name it real ^!$$% day
You the type to read a book and skip a page

You ratched, and my ratched don't care about your gang
You label attack racket, blue habits, red habits
^!$$%s run the gangs in New York like dead rabbits

Holiday, I'm back and it ain't for the holiday
It's all year around, put ^!$$%s on your block
Don't even go there now

Yeah it's real quiet for you,
Kinda slow there now, warrup

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