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STYLES P : Ghostblaze lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "Ghostblaze"

just blaze with us
light up

i'm back

skinin on the paper 'cause I've been doing my thing

this si (*##$ ..reckless ..on the lakers
magic got ..
DJ better learn than mister magic

Gid blessed it good old days
i was just a younger wishin my mother had money like ..
thinking to kill the sun

'cause poverty is ruffer than the ..
..switchin that they was middle class
folks was dreamin that they were rich

now i'm high in the benz just lean in the %#@!
black America white America
green dollar bill and show you a .. character

..is the religion of a line ..
kamikaze doing the bomb
dive on the ..

lot of ^!$$%s thought this sets when they ride in the ..
lot of ^!$$%s losing their lives 'cause they kind of wind
is a five .. going the pull%#@!

i need some new ..to say
thinking at my seat i'm planning for this world
..the circle is agreed succes is what we ..

i ain't loyalty is the ..
thinking of the ..
give me a second let me gather my thoughts

mad high at the .. money to the lawyer
more to the bill ..thinking if i got to do time ..feel strong
that all i did and get you heel on

it's ugly
trust me ..
catch me in black label .. not got cheaper than mine

bugsy malone bugsy ..
when the life full of .. ^!$$% i'm the %#@! now
i ain't never met a raper alive that could faze me

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