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STYLES P : Gangster, Gangster lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "Gangster, Gangster"

(feat. Jadakiss & Sheek Louch)

[Chorus x2: Styles P]

Sheek Louch is a gangster, gangster
Jadakiss is a gangster, gangster
Styles P is a gangster, D-Block

Won't you come $#&@ with a gangster, gangster

[Styles P:]

You don't get nothin but gun shells
I ain't on the bar, Louch pass me the dumbbells
I'm in war mode, they in more mode

Body after body so the story was foretold
Twist 'em up real tight just like a cornrow, stick in they hair grease
Bullets in ya eye and your earpiece

Bullets whistle like canary for canaries
Your stones is yellow but so is the owner
Ain't a Blood but I'll make him a donor

Crash the whip at the dealer tryin to get me a loaner
Got a spliff that I dipped in Corona
$#&@ around make you sip some ammonia

Karma, put your $$# in a coma
Ain't nobody give a $#&@ if you paralyzed
'Kiss past the saw so I can shave down to barrel size

Said he was the king 'til he looked in the pharaoh eyes
Blow was the bulb was the verse as the arrow ride
What ^!$$%!


Yup, AH-HA!
Yo, you ain't got to remind me, I'm a top-of-the-line G

If you a fan you can say I been poppin since 9-3
If you my man then you know I been poppin my whole life
Outside 'til it's finished my ^!$$%, the whole night

Few contract and inkpens later
Turn into boss respect, mob ties and kingpin paper
Mountin the D, Cardi frames and pink Gators

Gotta learn how to deal with the weak link haters
Don't even think about the top 10, just think Jada
Never eat no less, then I think greater

Gambino affiliate - still transport bricks
A boy on a bike, while my man willie it
Silly %#@!, imagine how rich we could really get

$#&@ a pool table, the crib got a billiard
Streets is our problem, hope Allah's got 'em
Three-piece purple label with the hard bottoms - gangster


[Sheek Louch:]
Silverback! No doubt (yeah)
That's you son, aiyyo I got you though

Aiyyo straight out the gate I pack heavy, big Chevy
24's, bandanna like I'm one of the outlaws

4-4 sit on my lap, other thing in the truck
It's too big and it come with a strap
I got (*##$es, money, cars in a lot

I already got weed, bring cigars to the spot
[email protected]&@e in a pot, 'gnac on the counter
Three money countless; get from around us

I probably won't do Yay' or 50 sales
Like they probably won't last in none of these jails
I'm tattooed up, Levi's double sewed Chuckers

No shirt, I'm back muh'$#&@ers!
The mac muh'$#&@ers don't clack muh'$#&@ers
That keep your lil' stink mouth intact muh'$#&@ers

Silverback ^!$$%, the Barack O. of rap
L.O.X., D-Block coward, hold that!


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