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STYLES P : Fire & Pain lyrics

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STYLES P lyrics : "Fire & Pain"

(feat. Sizzla)


WOOO~! Ha, King Selassie I know
Sizzla Kalonji, girls smiles, whoa-yeah-yeahhh

[Styles P:]
%#@! is too too crazy, listen
Got bad luck, like I ran and $#&@ed the voodoo lady

Every other week I'm in handcuffs
Stack somethin, lose somethin, somethin keep $#&@in my plans up
Movin in a hurry, thinkin time is slow

when I pass the cemetery where my lil' brother is buried
All I can do is salute, pound on my chest
God got his army and we all his recruits

But, every other night I see demons
Do somethin wild and I don't know the reasons
Blame it on the air, so I say it's the seasons

Tell my ^!$$%z light the $#&@ up cause I'm fiendin
Get it - it's somethin when the sadness turn into madness
Got me doin %#@!, where I'm runnin from badges

I can see my life in some flashes, they think that I'm clashes
I pour more 'gnac in the glass kid

It's all about we got da tools wid us
$#&@in CRAZY~! Things ain't gonna be cool wid us

Luxurious - bring the guns along dey always cruise wid us
Those $#&@ers know better, that's cause dem no fool wid us
Huh, $#&@in dogs, we gon' put dem in some leeches

As far as it reaches, we gon' iron out dem creases
with the four pieces, DEM got to use around the neck
Cannon go squeezes, DEM a soldier CRAZY believe it

[Styles P:]
I go to sleep and my soul cry, ^!$$% it's no lie

Why you think I'm so high, I flow like it's no time
Funny when your mind is a goldmine, and ^!$$%z is golddiggers
Guess you gon' learn when it's yo' time

Stressed up to my shoulders, $#&@ it I'ma ride now
Brim of the Yankee, sittin on my eyebrows
Look at the stash and think that I'm gassed

off the Godfather saga cause Vito wouldn't lie down
Me and destiny got a date, wheover with me rollin
If you ain't then you go get your 8, cause I ain't gon' fold

I take 'em all on
I've been dyin for the day to get my war on
I reflect on the days when I played Rahway gettin my score on

And came back to the hood with my forearms
Go get more mans, I got floor plans
and 23 ways to blow you out of them Jor-dans

Try to beat me but don't worry I got dem

Make dem bleed blood it's a pleasure to squash dem
They ain't allathat so, I saw dem
escapin from de cops dem ain't see me tryin to stop dem

Say you're livin BIG~! On top of de world
You go against me you gon' get freed on dis side of de world yah
They say you're mad I say things comes and go

But I never leave mi gun because I wan kill dem $#&@in punks

[Styles P:]

Some ^!$$%z say I'm the sickest
If I got a show ghetto ^!$$%z go get the ticket
If I ain't blow on the stage, I had me a gauge

Outside on some bull%#@!, ready to stick it
Like the hood made me wicked as hell
Thought about more bull%#@! sittin in jail, listen up

It's nothin more important than feedin your seeds
I got two, so I just start believin in greed
It's like I'm needin the weed and needin to read

Got to go against the odds just to even achieve
It's like I'm tired of the hassle and all that
You the king I run up in your castle and all that

I'm nicer than whoever you can name, been through the dark side
Walked back through the flames and came with a lightning push
Shined on the game, and e'rybody die
at the drop of a dime if they rhyme on my name

Sit bak relax heah we kickin for a while
Sizzla Kalonji and Styles, yeah beautiful girls dey smile
Bless your feet on de Jamaican side, dat's de profile
Why de $#&@ de $#&@in enemies wanna spoil, yeah

True born leaders woo yeah we navigate
Yah life is a cycle, so things got to gravitate
Smoke de $#&@in herb, that's how I meditate
One love to de world, damn tell dem we ain't gon' seperate

[Styles P:]
%#@! is crazy, life is somethin really
I'm the Ghost, woo~!
We gotta live though, $#&@ it y'know
I know, feel me ^!$$%

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